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The Sibelle escapade knowledge network consists exclusively of self-employed monitors, all State graduates. Thus all diplomas are represented: climbing instructors, Canyon, speleology, mountain escorts and mountain guides. The benefits are not negligible!

  • Qualified instructors, some are also trainers for their Federation (FFME, FFS, FFCAM) and the Ministry of sports (CREPS).
  • More than fifteen years of experience in Ariège and elsewhere.
  • Equipment provided to standards and adapted, recent, checked for all our activities.
  • A warm welcome, attentive and always personalised pedagogy.

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A native of the Toulouse region, I have been in the Pyrenees since my earliest years. After having swam of peaks in Pyrenean summits, climbing was a devout passion that gave me a taste for settling in Ariège, and more precisely in the valleys of the Tarasconnais.

A year spent in mountain rescue and then the diplomas of climbing, Canyon, hiking and speleology in the bag, I am engaged to develop sports of nature in the territory of the upper Ariège.

All the frames are for me unique moments because all very different depending on the audiences I meet. From the colony, to the specialised centres, schools, groups of friends, companies and individual families, I find it fortunate to share so many different minds.

My pedagogy brings me closer to you by the desire to share my knowledge of the environment.


DEES Canyonisme
NO. DE031 15 0010


DEES climbing training
NO. DE031 15 0038
DEES climbing natural environments
NO. DE031 15 0011


DE Alpinimse mountain guide
Option Medium Snowy Mountain
No. DEMM025160221


BAPAAT option speleology
No. 03406082