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Discovering Ariège, in the heart of the Pyrenees, is going on an adventure practicing nature sports: canyoning, climbing, via ferrata, caving, hiking and snowshoeing. The valleys of Haute-Ariège, that of Vicdessos and Auzat, welcome you to spend a good holiday!

Go down the more or less enclosed gorges where rivers flow at low flow, indulge in the pleasures of slides, slides, jumps and abseiling, tyrolean, de-escalations in the turquoise water torrents of the Ariège mountains, this is what we tell you. propose!

Climbing is a symbiosis between you and the rock. At any age and for all levels of practice, climbing block or cliff provides multiple emotions, pleasures and sensations!

Dizzying winds, bridges, monkey bridges, and other Nepali bridges grace the course. For the family or the sportsmen, choose the good via …

Rich of a historical and prehistoric past, Ariège allows to discover the vestiges of our ancestors. The hike combines the pleasure of walking with the cultural knowledge of a region with an exciting past.

Vincent Milhau moniteur canyoning escalade randonnée
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Graduate State Climbing, Canyoning and mountain guide for fifteen years, … in this regard, I have always traveled the peaks, canyons and cliffs of the Pyrenees with lots of fun. So, I share with enthusiasm these beautiful getaways.