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In Ariège-Pyrénées, at 1h15 from Toulouse, we propose you to discover the canyons of Marc, the Escalès, the Artigue, the Argansou, and others still equally wild and technical around Vicdessos-Auzat. Thus, the Haute-Ariège allows to practice these activities of nature sports in fashion (canyoning, aquatic hiking), in a playful and technical way. In this respect, you will safely descend the waterways with instructors from the State of Ariège.

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‹ ‹ you must enter without fear: who knows what a surprise awaits you › › Edouard Alfred Martel, June 31, 1901

Descend from the Gorges more or less casted where rivers flow at low flows, indulge in the pleasures of slides, Toboggans, jumps and rappelling, Tyrolean, desescalades in the turquoise water of the torrents of the mountains ariégeoises, here is this We offer!

Canyoning and aquatic hiking, fun activities of living water and Sun, have developed for all audiences. This is how you can enjoy them alone, with your friends or with your family.

Canyoning is possible for all audiences. It is very important to communicate your experience to adapt the course. From beginners to sportsmen, it is important to be a minimum in physical condition, to report all health concerns and of course to know how to swim.

From the beginning of April to the end of October, depending on the massifs. The hot water Canyon of Thuès les Bains is possible in winter. Half day, day, week end or stay.

For the summer period: in the valleys of Haute-Ariège, Vicdessos Valley. Other canyoning raids are possible in Ariège, Pyrénées-Orientales. Stays in Spain (Sierra de Guarra, Catalonia). [/vc_cta]
We supply you: 5mm neoprene wetsuit (in 2 pieces), Shorty 1, 5mm for the most frilous, helmet, harness, rope,… Just plan a pair of sneakers to wet and a bathing suit. Think of a snack for after the activity and especially eat well before. [/vc_cta]

Descente de Canyon : torrent d'Estats

Le canyon du torrent d'Estats en Ariège-Pyrénées, l'expérience avant tout ! Une journée en forme avec de la technique et
Entre 8 et 10h
16 ans et +
Gorges de Galamus
Children's rates

Initiation canyoning : les gorges de Galamus

La descente de canyoning pour la famille, les gorges de Galamus sont faites pour découvrir un univers d'eau et de

Descente de Canyon : l'Artigue

Le canyon de l'Artigue en Ariège-Pyrénées, l'incontournable des canyons en France ! La journée où en redemande encore !
6 heures
12 ans et +
Canyon Marc Ariège saut vasque finale
Children's rates

Descente de Canyon : Marc

La descente de canyon incontournable en famille, entre amis, en groupe... les premières sensations ! Tout y est pour les
3 heures
12 ans et +
Canyon Argansou Ariège rappel enfants
Children's rates

Descente de Canyon : Argansou

La descente de canyon pour la famille, l'Argansou est taillé pour les aventuriers à partir de 7 ans !
3 heures
7 ans et +