Remember to plan clothing according to or activities you will be practicing. Do not hesitate to read the relevant sections. Replacement business is always necessary after the activity. Don't forget to take what you can eat and drink. We are often in isolated places where there are few shops and amenities. Experience, avoid the big Fiesta the day before the activities, many have ruined their experience!


From Toulouse, it is easy to take the Nationale 20 or the A66 motorway, to reach Tarascon sur Ariège in about 1h. At the exit, at the level of the last roundabout of Sabart, you have to turn right, direction Auzat-Vicdessos by the RD8. There are 15km of valley bottom road to be travelled to get to the RDV. Beware, you are well on the road to Andorra and the Pas de la case… The average times are 1h15 but with the "plugs" on Tarascon on Ariège, you can lose up to 1h…! You must think of leaving sooner or possibly, take the exit direction Arignac before the end of the 4 lanes. This allows to reach the center of Tarascon on Ariège then the roundabout of Sabart more easily. Good road!


You arrived at Vicdessos instead of RDV, this is the place of the village. Sometimes several monitors of different structures are in this place because we find all the conveniences. Remember to identify yourself by specifying with which monitor and structure you had appointment. There was never a bad surprise because of the good atmosphere between the monitors. Once the monitor is found, do not hesitate to ask him questions to spend a good time of relaxation and adventure!



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